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random drug or alcohol system.

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Do you...

Dread calling in for drug and alcohol screening?

Worried you might forget?

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Meet Dan... Dan has to call in for drug and alcohol testing.

He used to worry about forgetting and getting in trouble. Now he used dailydialin.com and has less stress and more days to sleep in.

What exactly is dailydialin.com

No, our monkey team is doing it for you but you can see when we called and what was said and even listen to the recording if you wish.

How do I sign up?

Download the app FREE for Android iPhone and let us know the number you call into, your code (if you have one) and when you want to be notified.

What if I need to test?

The app will use your GPS location to find the nearest testing center and give you their address phone number and hours.

How do I get the messages?

You will receive a notification in the app with your daily recording for FREE or you can sign up for premium and receive transcription and text messaging!

What if I need help?

You can ask us a question by clicking the ? in the app or give us a call at
(888) 508-8425. We would be glad to help you.

What exactly is dailydialin.com

Our server based solutions will call into any phone system, press any series of buttons, record the result and text it to you! And because the whole thing is in the cloud you don't have to worry, it is all backed up and secure.

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